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Lochbuie Elementary Staff

If you need to contact any of the staff listed below, please click on


Your concern, question or comment will be delivered to the appropriate staff member. Thank you for your continued support of our staff!


Administration/Front Office
Montano, Manuel Principal
Siegert-Chatman, Gigi Office Manager/Building Secretary
Marseilles, Alicia  Registrar/Health Clerk 
Tontarski, Sara Psychologist
Zambrano, Eric Student Advocate
Mazhari, Sharon District Nurse
Smialek, Lynda  Webmaster
Duncan, Autumn Instructional Coach
5th Grade
Haner, Cassandra Teacher
Keller, Christina Teacher
MacLean, Paige  Teacher
Pfenninger, Brian Teacher
4th Grade
Dorado, Lizeth Teacher
Krill, Mandi Teacher
White, Jenna Teacher
Williams, Jessica Teacher
3rd Grade
Dreher, Jessica Teacher
Reinhard, Rachel Teacher
Winford, Kimberly Teacher
Harbeson, Dave Art Teacher
Barrios, Carolyn STEM Facilitator
Preston, Rebecca PE Teacher
Alpaugh, Alexandra "Allie" Music Teacher
McCown, Dawn Special Education Teacher
Charbonneau, Kristi Speech Therapy
Lahman, Molly Speech Therapy Assistant
Gallegos, Ernestina Title 1 Teacher
Macias, Ariana ELL Teacher
Support Staff
Rhodebeck, Angie Media Manager
Boivin, Johnne Angel Building Substitue
Kruse, Agnieszka  Special Education Paraprofessional
Weber, Gerta Special Education Paraprofessional
TBD ELL Paraprofessional
Snow, Michelle Title 1 Paraprofessional
Veith, Amy Title 1 Paraprofessional
Sotelo, Sarai Instructional Paraprofessional
Miller, Shelley  Building Substitute
Sanchez, Ninive Head Custodian
Calderon, Maria Custodian
Salinas De Mejia, Luz  Custodian
Cox, Jessica  Kitchen Manager
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